Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is about thinking outside the box. ADR is about using creativity, knowledge, and strategy to identify whether there are better ways to resolve lawsuits than using the Court system. While there is not always a viable alternative to the Court system, ADR is nevertheless always worth exploring. When ADR works, it can enable parties to save significant amounts of time and money in resolving their dispute. However, it is important to understand that not all ADR methods are the same and that different ADR methods are useful in different specific situations. A particularly interesting ADR method is litigation prevention. This can be used to prevent a specific dispute from occurring. However, prevention can also be used to put in place general policies that can help prevent disputes from occurring in the future.

Our office has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We have represented and advised clients in thousands of disputes that have been successfully prevented or resolved through ADR. We have also frequently served on arbitration panels that were appointed to render binding and final rulings. The experience we have gained a result is invaluable. We combine our extensive knowledge of ADR with our litigation practice to enable our clients to successfully resolve disputes and achieve their goals.

Our ADR services include:

  • • Litigation Prevention services
  • • Negotiation
  • • Mediation
  • • Arbitration
  • • Mediation-Arbitrations
  • • Conciliation

For more information on the different types of ADR available, please visit our ADR information page.