Business Law is about building strategically. It’s about putting in place plans and strategies that follow legal requirements, deal with current issues, prevent problems, and lay the foundations for increasing growth and success in the future. Business law solutions must be economical, they must be practical, and they must be useful. Business legal services are as much about business law as they are about common sense, business acumen, intelligent strategies, and creative forward-thinking. It requires an understanding of market realities, the specific nature of a client’s business, a client’s challenges and goals, and the client’s short-term and long-term objectives. Whether a business requires a shareholders’ agreement, a reorganization, a commercial agreement, incorporation, or M&A services, business legal services are incredibly important to corporations. Not only do these services deal with a current need, but when handled properly, they pave a pathway toward growth and achievement. It is always extremely important that these services be performed in a manner that is both highly professional and economical.

Our office has significant experience in business law. We have successfully advised and represented a wide range of corporations from multi-nationals to small-medium businesses and start-ups. We have served as legal advisors, corporate directors, and strategic advisors. We have represented such a wide range of clients because we believe in practical solutions and excellent results, without over-billing or inefficient and wasteful services. Ultimately, we believe that the results and solutions we deliver our clients should always be more impressive than the fees we ask for in return. Our principles have enabled us to provide top-tier services, while still remaining accessible to a wide variety of corporations.

Our business legal services include:

  • • Business services and advice for start-ups
    • Incorporations
    • Shareholders’ agreements
    • Partnership agreements
    • Corporate reorganizations
    • Corporate record-keeping
    • Legally required corporate filings
    • Business advisory services
    • Merger & acquisition advisory services
    • Commercial agreements
    • Preventing and resolving shareholders’ disputes
    • Amalgamations
    • Corporate financing
    • Preventing and resolving directors’ liability