General Counsel Services

Being a General Counsel is about being able to find solutions. General Counsel inevitably find themselves faced with several different situations all at once. They must work diligently and efficiently to deal with everything simultaneously. General Counsel can prove invaluable to any corporation. However, some corporations do not have a sufficient volume of legal work to justify having a full-time general counsel. Other corporations may have a general counsel or a legal department, but do not have anyone on their staff who is an expert in Québec Law. Certain corporations may have a legal department with people who are knowledgeable in Québec Law, but may require special assistance with certain complex matters or to help them with specific projects.


We offer a variety of general counsel services to businesses. We do not claim to be experts in all fields or all jurisdictions. However, we possess significant experience in several important areas of the law. For areas of the law or jurisdictions where we are not experts, we have an invaluable network of professionals across the world who can assist our clients in finding effective and efficient solutions. We refuse to take on any mandates where we do not have the knowledge or experience to do the very best job. However, when we are faced with problems that are out of our jurisdiction or the limits of our expertise, we employ our experience, our understanding of our clients’ business goals, and our common sense to help our clients find the best approach and the best professionals to help clients achieve solutions. We help our clients avoid wasting time or money and we ensure that our clients benefit from top-tier professional services that are billed at a fair price. This ensures that when clients approach us for a problem, they benefit from an effective overall solution which helps them avoid future problems. Solutions which go on to create other problems aren’t any use. Ultimately, the only solutions that are truly valuable are those that definitively resolve problems and prevent future problems form occurring.