Litigation is not simply about the final result. Litigation is a long and involved process. Accordingly, Orenstein & Associates provides clients with practical advice that enables them to make the best possible decisions to advance their interests.

Our approach is based upon practical solutions. Orenstein & Associates:

  • • Identifies the client’s desired outcome(s)
  • • Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses in their client’s case
  • • Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses in their opponent’s case
  • • Pinpoints the objectives of the other party/parties and their representatives
  • • Understands the personalities of the other party/parties and their representatives


In accordance with the New Code of Civil Procedure, clients must consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR) before proceeding with litigation. ADR may allow clients to achieve the desired result in a way that is more cost effective and less time intensive. If ADR does not work or is not possible, clients may consider litigation.


No matter how good the lawyer or the case is, litigation never has a guaranteed result. However, in order for a client to have the best possible chance at success, the litigation strategy should take into account certain things. A successful litigation strategy should:

  • • Identify and pursue the clients desired outcome
  • • Avoid useless debates
  • • Not waste time
  • • Identify the issues that matter
  • • Be practical
  • • Endeavour to achieve a satisfying conclusion to the file


A great litigator requires knowledge of: the law, procedure, the judicial system, practical solutions and the people involved in any given file. Our office has extensive experience representing Plaintiffs, Defendants, and Mises-en-causes. We have successfully dealt with a large variety of cases. Our lawyers are specialists and have the necessary experience to cut down on time without cutting down on quality.


Within our litigation and advisory practice, we offer our clients extensive services ranging from legal advisory and compliance opinions to litigating trials and appeals.

Our litigation and advisory services include:

  • • Legal opinions
  • • Advisory services
  • • Consultations
  • • Second opinions
  • • Lawsuits
  • • Injunctions (emergency, interlocutory, and permanent)
  • • Demands for declaratory judgment
  • • Advocacy litigation
  • • Public interest legal issues
  • • Administrative litigation
  • • Judicial review
  • • Successions disputes
  • • Trials
  • • Appeals
  • • Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) services